Thursday, June 12, 2008

Plugging Away

...why does getting back to 'normal' feel so strange??

The e-mails have been trudged through. I have a few extra things to do about them, some contracts and supply lists to send out -- a few new gigs to arrange.

The website has been updated. We finally figured out the problem with the monthly freebie, and a new crochet pattern is in place. (A darling little ruffled cap)

Orders finished off. (A few to go) Piles are slowly being put away.

And at Casa Brick, clothes are in the wash and meals on the table. Not fancy ones...and thanks to our Brazilian laundry lady (who accidentally included oily rags in several washerloads), most of our Brazil clothes have a few stains here and there. I'll soak them and hope for the best.

I've even put in some perennials, and begun hacking out the weeds. Buck, our oldest dog, loves to dig...and did his part by destroying my largest tomato plant. Which had been flourishing in a planter for all the time we were gone in Brazil. And was just getting ready to flower. I could have cried when I saw the limp remains...

But time and effort go on. Maybe I can find a replacement tomato -- at least I have one plant left. They just don't do very good here, what with our 6250 elevation and cooler nights. It makes for better sleeping...but tomatoes like the heat all the time. I planted tomatoes #1 and #2 in black plastic planters, reasoning that might keep them cozier, and so far, it seems to be working.

Until a crazed Weimaraner gets his paws on them, that is.

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