Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tacos, Groceries...And Who Knows What Else

Our beloved Rockies have done it again -- The Rocks played the Pittsburgh Pirates last night and won 7-4! For you Coloradoans out there, you know what that means -- 4-for-a-buck tacos tonight between 4-6 p.m.! Sounds good...I don't feel like cooking, anyways.

It is just too darn hot.

We're way past 15 days now for 90-degree-plus heat. Anything in the 70s feels as if I should go put a sweater on. The hardest part: it's not cooling that much at night, and neither Husband nor I feel like sleeping. So we can't doze off until 1 a.m. or so...which makes us groggy and needing a nap next day...which makes us sleepless again at night...

I am really hoping for the dog days to end around here. Buck and Goonie agree with me.

Ladyofvirtue has some interesting thoughts on grocery shopping in one of her recent posts:
She argues for keeping your purchases basic -- it not only saves money, but puts us more in tune with other world cultures and gives us a more serene experience to boot.

Have you ever gone to a grocery store aisle, looked at all those different labels and somehow felt they were all yelling at you? Begging you to pay attention to them? I notice this feeling especially after we've been camping for a while. All that quietness -- all this graphic noise and color -- sometimes I wish I only had a few choices, instead of dozens.

Made some progress today putting away product from the last gig (teaching triangles for the Common Threads quilt club in nearby Parker...hi, guys!). We got new containers for the Venise lace appliques, then switched over the yarns and Crazy kits to a different set of shelving. Looks like it's going to work much better. I can see the floor again already.


LouAnne said...

C: I am so familiar with your comment about wishing you had fewer choices. It's gotten way out of hand. And, yes, after a trip either camping or traveling light, it is more pronounced. When we HAD a motorhome I used to come home and look at my lovely kitchen and wonder why I needed it. Alas, no motorhome anymore and I'm stuck cooking in a kitchen I designed for the new owner of our home who seems to be missing/hidden!

Cindy Brick said...

Hmmm...where did you stash that new owner, Louanne??


Thanks for dropping by...I like to visit your blog, too. It's (almost) like visiting with you in person. Take care of your wonderful self.

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