Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Decision Made

THANK YOU THANK YOU for your kind words about my dilemma. This has been a rough week.

As I mentioned earlier, Husband's Uncle Bill died Monday morning...funeral is tomorrow in Missouri north of Kansas city. Some ten hours drive away. Plane tickets just weren't feasible.

Should we go? Bill was very dear to both of us for many years, though in recent times we were not as close. Neither of Dave's brothers could make the trip. His aunts were elderly...who knew how much longer they would last. (Bill was 91.)

Complicating things --

*The roof(s). We must get these done before the snow flies.

*My parents, still here, visiting from Michigan. My dad's health is uncertain enough that leaving him and Mom here -- no real knowledge of where to go for medical care -- is really frightening.

*Our finances, which have been soaked up by the roofing costs (less of an issue -- I am learning more and more that this isn't the most essential thing to consider at a time like this. People are more important than money -- always.)

At first, we, along with Daughter #1, were going to leave tonight, drive most of the night, then leave to come back after the funeral. Twenty hours drive in two days.

Then Dave came home, unsure. He was so busy at work that he literally could not find the people to ask for the time off. Was God telling him this wasn't the right decision? Dave looked exhausted, telling me this. (He's been busting himself even more with the roofing than I have.)

Daughter #1 was hesitating. (Both she and D#2 have the flu. Bigtime.) Still willing to go...but hesitating.

I felt more and more unsure about leaving the folks. (Nearly all of your comments suggested I stay home with the folks, and let Dave go on his own. I love Husband and feel terrible sending him off to bear a burden by himself. I didn't want to do this.) going meant other issues.

After a long talk, we decided -- we'll all stay home.

I made several phone calls, to Bill's daughter, our aunts. I'll send cards and a donation to the family's choice, the hospice that took care of Bill.

It wasn't the easiest decision, but my mind is at peace about it.

Thanks for helping me -- us -- make it.

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