Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is This Bailout Really Being Handled Right? beady little mind immediately starts wondering whether Congress can actually keep the average person's interests in mind, rather than their corporate big-bucks contributors.

Do I sound cynical? Well, I feel that way.

Dave, normally much more suspicious than I am, is surprisingly upbeat. After all, he points out, there's one critical part of this equation right now:

It's an election year!

If those up for re-election want to keep their jobs, they cannot just ignore Joe Q. Public that easily. So perhaps they will consider what the average taxpayer thinks.

Then again, maybe not.

Sweden had similar troubles in the early 1990s (which I did not realize back then, being more occupied with kids' backpacks and spelling bees). They handled the situation quite differently -- and the country actually came out of it in better shape.

Read here:

I'm hoping Congressmen read the New York Times, too. Who knows -- perhaps we do have a chance.

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