Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We've Got A Winner! And...the Kidnap

Congratulations, LouAnne Sassone! You've won the birthday pack drawing. Take a look at LouAnne's blog. I enjoy her approach to crazy quilting, stitching -- and life:

(Happy blog anniversary to you, LouAnne!)

We'll be offering more freebies in the future -- stay tuned.

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Last Friday. Dad was propped up in the chair, snoozing. Mom was cutting fabric and chatting away. I was on the computer, booking tickets for Phoenix. (I'm headed there next week to do a gig for the Phoenix, AZ guild.)

The doorbell rang, the dogs arfing away. It was two dear friends, Chris and Jo. "Grab your bag, pack it for 24 hours, and come with us," they said. I looked at Mom, who was laughing. Dave, who had just gotten home, was laughing. Chris and Jo were smirking. What was going on?

Well, it was a full-scale kidnapping, birthday-style. They refused to tell me each development until we were right there -- but we had coffee out on the patio at the 16 Street Mall to start. (A great place for watching strange people, horse-drawn carriages, buskers...) Then to the hotel -- with another good friend, Lizzy, peering from behind the door! Then on the Broker and a wonderful meal. And refreshing, renewing talk...until our eyes drifted shut at 3 a.m.

The next day, we ate a leisurely breakfast, then I got a facial! (Wonderful, but a little unnerving when you're laying there in your bra, being observed -- and commented on -- by three bemused friends.) Finally, it was on to see "Les Miserables," a stomping, shouting musical based (sort of) on Victor Hugo's novel. And finally, we had birthday cake in the park, then supper before heading home. Dazed, content and somehow refreshed.

It was one of the nicest weekends ever.

I am so grateful to have these loving friends.

It was a wonderful memory to keep me going -- because my actual birthday was difficult. Dad wasn't doing well. Mom had dizzy episodes, which turned out to altitude sickness. (24 years of visiting us here at 6250 altitude, and she gets it this year?!?) That made Dad want to leave NOW. And he sure didn't want to go into Denver for a birthday supper, even if it did save the girls (coming from Boulder via bus and lightrail) an hour of travel.

Fine. Ok. We'd wait until the girls got into town, and go somewhere local. Only that took more time...with the folks not seeming to understand that we couldn't go out to supper RIGHT NOW because the girlies weren't there yet. So they ended up peeved -- the girlies had to eat quickly, then turn right around and leave for home again -- and the relaxed birthday supper turned into a gobble-and-rush affair. (Oh yes -- and Dad refused to come.)


The folks left for Michigan yesterday morning, more than happy to leave. I heard from them this afternoon -- they were almost to Chicago, three hours drive from their place. Mom's dizziness had subsided. Dad was driving. And I really, really hope this is not the last time I ever see him.


Anonymous said...

I hope so, too, Cindy. Your friends sound like the very best kind. =) Wish I were back in Phx next week, but we still have about 3 weeks on the road before I'm there. =(

*Someday* we're going to be in the same time and place and I'm going to meet you, and maybe even get to take a class with you!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the dual scales of maya on your birthday...the highs of friendship and the pains of family in this case.
But overall it is all good because it is all infused with love.

Onward, to your next half century!!!!

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