Friday, November 21, 2008

Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

Ever wondered what Copernicus' face REALLY (or probably really) looked like?

Basically, they compared hairs found in a book known to have been in Copernicus' library with a skull found in a cathedral in Poland. (A strong tradition holds that C. was buried in this particular church -- and a smashed skeleton was found under some floor tiles. Weird.)

I think I'd better go clean out my library books -- fast!

And this is one of the loveliest home dec projects, considering the cost and effort:

Maybe this is the time to paint on that motto on the dining room's north wall...

I collapsed into bed Wednesday night...and quite frankly, the 'ol bod still has no idea what time it is. I get tired at very strange times, and wide awake at others. Thursday was at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, checking up on my California Gold exhibit. Find out more here:

The gallery's warm yellow light really made the golden prints glow in these 1880s scrap and applique quilts. I was VERY pleased. (And yes, photos will be posted, as soon as the museum sends me their batch.)

This was one of the roughest exhibits ever, as far as setup. It was supposed to go up the Sunday before we left for New Hampshire. (Got a last-minute phone call that the gallery wasn't ready.) Instead, it couldn't happen until Wednesday -- but I left Tuesday! So Karen Roxburgh and two volunteers put up the quilts, plus signage. I hoped for the best.

Fortunately, it was. Karen is a champ. She made a few changes from what our floorplan...but they were great. If you live in Colorado, "California Gold" will be up at the museum through January 2009. Take a look; I think you'd enjoy it!

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