Friday, November 14, 2008


A new discovery of a Celtic coin hoard found overseas... in a cornfield near Maastricht, Holland.


Don't miss the slide show with the article -- it includes some incredible archeological discoveries, including the drainage tunnel thought to be the escape route for Jews fleeing Titus when he sacked Jerusalem. Also, a beautiful -- and ancient -- white stone earring found under a parking lot. (Wish I had a pair.)

Someday I'll bumble onto something wonderful like this.

Or see Bigfoot, peering over our fence. (Not as wacky as you would think -- he's been spotted within ten miles, near Sedalia: .)

Or a flying saucer, wobbling to say 'hi' at midnight.

Or discover Jimmy Hoffa's personal cement pylon. (Some people think he was hidden somewhere in Giants Stadium: )

Or figure out what the heck cats are really thinking when they're staring at you. (Jack, Daughter's dog, does it, too -- weird.)

Who knows!

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