Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just in time for Presidents Day: a very interesting assessment of the Best and the Worst Presidents:

Eight judges chose these. I don't agree with all of it -- but hey, that's America.

And according to these health experts, you're not supposed to blow your nose during a cold:

Hmmm...this could start a new national trend: Mass Dripping. What's next -- are they going to tell us when we can use the bathroom during the day? (No doubt the implied threat will go something like this: if you don't go When We Tell You, chances are you'll blow up...or the world will end. Or both.)

I cannot seem to stop flirting with the current flu -- neither can Husband. We teeter in, pull out, and repeat. It hasn't stopped us from going to work, appointments and such...but it has the capability of making us totally exhausted when we finally go make it home.

It's definitely affected our Valentine's celebration. (Though I made us a fahncy dinnah, and Husband gave me a zany card and a bottle of lavender lotion...he got a card and a box of chocs from yours truly.) We are still upright...but barely.

And we have 5 Sunday dinner guests coming tomorrow.

Think I'll get up early, tackle what I can...and just apologize for the rest.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Darn, Cindy, I'm so sorry that flu is dragging on for you.
Are you taking your multivitamins and upping the Vitamin C regime?
At least you and DH can still treat each other right on Valentine's. ;-)

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