Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Appraisal Soapbox

Did you know that today is National Get Your Quilt (And Other Stuff) Appraised Week?

Or so it seems...

I did an appraisal this morning, got a pile to do yesterday, and more the day before. Many people start to think about doing this for donation value on their quilts (especially their old ones) -- that's part of the reason for the uptick in business. I have noticed a big rush for it right around tax time. But many of the appraisals are not done for that reason at all. I hear everything from "this is going to my daughter, and I want her to know about its value" to "I'm putting it in a competition" to "I've always wanted to do this."

What do I know? I just do my job. Seriously, though, having your pieces appraised is a smart thing to do. It protects them, in case of theft or damage. It gives them documentation -- which any good appraiser can tell you raises their value in the future. And it gives you a chance to analyze your work, or that of the quiltmaker.

It's more reasonably priced than you think. I charge $45 for a detailed report that can take up to 1 1/2 hours...and gives you a printed-out appraisal for your files (and mine). But I also do multi-quilt reports that are much less per piece -- even as little as $10 per quilt. So if you've considered doing this...well, consider it a bit harder. The best place to find the best in appraising, textile-wise, is the PAAQT website. It lists appraisers by state, as well as name, and includes several helpful articles.Every one of the appraisers listed are also certified by the American Quilter's Society, the only organization in the country that focuses on textiles, and several are certified by other organizations, too.

Think about it.

More gray skies are moving in, fitting for this lovely surprise rendition of "Rainy Day"...sung by Bette Midler and Johnny Carson. Enjoy.

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