Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday chores

Next week is full of appraising, deliveries...then two lectures at the Museum of Mining and Industry. That means this weekend has been full of chores and prep work. We have this family phrase: "It's an exciting world...and we're part of it." Said sarcastically, of course!

One of my online buddies has had some trouble with a virus she thought was connected to the Brickworks website. This is interesting, not because we've noticed anything wrong with the website (we haven't). BUT I've had some trouble connecting to the blog to post for the past few days. (Every time I tried, another website would flash on temporarily.) It seems fine now -- but make sure your virus detection software is on and working. Even our local credit union said a new (and powerful) Venus virus has been hitting lately.

I'll write Blogger to mention this, and have my webmaster check things out -- just in case. These are scary times, and it's well worth taking extra precautions.

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