Friday, March 12, 2010

Women in Mining in CO Springs...School Cuts...and the Midnight Knitter

You wouldn't expect anything less than this odd mix, from this blog, right?   :)

School stuff has been a brooding interest lately... it's not that I couldn't use more edjimication (Popeye-style), but because our local school district has to cut more than $40 million from Somewhere. They're supposed to make the announcement any day now where the ax(es) will fall.

Husband is a trainer for special ed and regular bus drivers and their assistants (TEAs). He took a 20% hours cut last year...will this mean more hours gone? We have many friends who are teachers, and are dreading what could happen. One friend has already offered to quit her job, if it will mean that others can keep theirs.

I wish the Powers That Be would GET ON WITH IT, and make the announcements!

In School News:

*The teacher who thought writing "Loser" on a 6th grade student's assignments would somehow motivate her to do better. (Give me a break.)

*Kansas City (Missouri side) will be closing nearly half of their schools. Just imagine what that's going to do to employees, families and students.

And in the World of Freaky, someone in West Cape May, NJ has been clothing the trees in a park with bright knitted sleeves! (Take a look at the photo -- who, and why???) Some people have been calling this person the Midnight Knitter, because he/she apparently operates during the dark of the night. A performance artist? An eccentric? Someone who's worried about the poor, chilly trees? This one's a curious one, all right.

The Mama is on her way here via Amtrak, with cousin Joy. She'll spend about a week here, making chocolate chip cookies for Husband, and helping me out. Their train comes in at 7:30 a.m.... but I have a gig tomorrow, too. Should make for an interesting weekend.

Come hear me talk about mining, women, gold & silver, and of course...quilts! There will be a lot of them to look at, too. It's all at the "Women in Mining" weekend at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry --
tomorrow, March 13, including a 11 a.m. lecture (and a 2 p.m. repeat), with an Edwardian-style tea in between. The museum is on the northern edge of Colorado Springs, and very easy to get to via I-25.
Should be lots of fun.

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