Friday, May 28, 2010

NEW Giveaway!

It's a new contest! Blog readers liked the Carolina Pad collection giveaway so much that I'm doing it again --

take a minute to leave a comment on any of the posts for the next few weeks, and you're entered to win a "Chat Bundle" of Carolina Pad's "Chat" collection -- including a binder, 1-subject notebook and three 2-pocket folders. (In fact, it's so new that it's not on the website yet! But each item is covered with stylized words and letters...perfect for a returning-to-school kid or writer of any age.)

You can follow Carolina Pad on Facebook , or Twitter (@carolinapad). Contest ends June 10, and we'll draw a random winner soon after.

Take a minute to let me know your favorite Carolina Pad collection...or:
What would you use your "Chat" collection for?

Have a great weekend.


Vera-Ellen said...

Hi Cindy! I've retired and am having fun reading your posts! Loved your tips on food for gatherings, and on 'paper towels'. I don't understand why clean cotton towels in the bathroom isn't good enough for everyone now - we all grew up with that and we turned out okay. I would use the Carolina Pad collection for the restoration business I am starting up. Sure would be fun to win! Hugs, Vera-Ellen

Vera-Ellen said...

Hi Cindy: Thank you for the comment on feeding a crowd - the tips were grat! I also enjoyed reading your comments on 'clean hand towels'. We were raised on cotton hand towels and we turned out okay - and they have to be greener! Now that I'm retired, I'm enjoying catching up with your blogs! I would use the new Carolina Pad collection for the new restoration business I am starting. Hope I win! Hugs, Vera-Ellen (Vera-Ellen's Vintage Experience)

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