Monday, May 10, 2010

You Never Can Tell...

Jay DeVaughn was a well-respected librarian at the Community College in Aurora (a Denver suburb). He did his work well as director of library services, even won an award in 2009 for administrator of the year.

One slight problem. This guy had been sending death threats anonymously through the mail for nearly decades to a variety of people, beginning when he lived in Alabama and continuing with his move to Colorado in 2004. His favorites were congressmen and senators, but he didn't hesitate to threaten others, too. (The Argentinian consulate received the gem, "Dirty fascists, you are going to die like how you kill my friends, pigs." Such grammar!)

Mr. DeVaughn ramped up his hysteria in recent years with letters that contained white powder -- anthrax, according to the text. The authorities caught him mailing some of the letters on tape -- then they checked his DNA with that found on the threatening letters, using a napkin, fork and spoon filched from his office garbage can for comparison. They matched.


Now the good librarian has decided to plead guilty regarding three of the letters. And people are asking how such a nice, dependable guy could spill out such hate.

His boss, the Community College president, said this is a side of him they never saw.

Well, thank goodness for that.

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Mother's Day was spent happily rambling through the Fairmount Cemetery, 'rustling' old rose cuttings in the company of two puzzled (but amused) daughters and Husband. (I'm not a criminal -- it's ok with Fairmount to do this!)  And rooting is easy: cut into smaller 'sticks,' each with a stem join and at least one cluster of leaves. Dip into water, then rooting hormone, then push into a container of dirt or planting medium. Water, then cover with plastic bag to boost humidity. Wait about three weeks to see which of the stems will 'take.'

Looking at the tombstones was fun, too...there are some real oddities, including a headstone with hat and saddle blanket carved right on the top...any number of grieving ladies and angels...little house monuments...and even a pile of what looked like tiny cannon balls or snowballs. (For a lady?? That's what the title said.)

Lucky we're not doing that today -- another storm is moving in, and it's supposed to be a doozy. Snow. Again. Rain. Hail. You name it. Hopefully it won't hit while we're at the Rockies game tonight.

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