Monday, June 28, 2010

Medical Procedure, Here I Come!

Here's Daughter #2, looking cool and relaxed...

Wish that was me.
I had a physical Friday...primarily because our new insurance plan (Less Coverage -- after a $12,000 Deductible, That Is!) does not cover physicals. And Husband fussed that I hadn't had one (a physical, not an insurance plan) for a while. It is easier to go do this, than live with 'helpful' reminders and long speeches about Caring for One's Health, Just in Case, etc. etc.
   After being "inspected, injected, neglected and see-lected," everything looks fine. But because I'm over 50, the doctor started fussing that I needed a colonoscopy.
   Hoo boy.
   Yep, that's high on my bucket list, right next to the Great Wall of China.
   So, since insurance will cover it now -- but not after July 1 -- guess who's going for a colonoscopy tomorrow?

I've gurgled my way through that nauseous mixture of stuff you need. (One more batch this evening.) No food. Just clear liquids. For the next 24 hours.
   Oh goody. Yes, I'll report in afterwards.

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Kris said...

My doc wants me to do this every year - yeah, right. Once was enough. I didn't really have a problem with it all, truthfully. It's not as horrendous as everyone says. And I suppose (sigh) that it is Good For You.

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