Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Ditherings

Whoa, it's hot. We've got a hard breeze now, but it's a tad stifling. And the thunderstorm-of-the-afternoon is leering on the horizon. We haven't gotten rain out of it for days...just tornado warnings.
   It's been so hot that I've taken to reading Christmas novels and stories, just to cool down, and thinking about present ideas for the holidays. Helps me prepare for The Birthday Month, as well -- both girlies, plus Mom, have August birthdays, making it a labor-intensive month.

   No trip to Michigan -- that was the final decision. Husband is at a conference through Friday night, mostly teaching training courses for bus drivers. (Plus judging at their annual rodeo today. You haven't lived until you've seen drivers roar through an obstacle course!) He'll have to spend a lot of hours at the office next week on a current project. In the meantime, it gives me more space to put the business back in order, write one article and finish editing a book that's been in progress for years. It's the right thing to do -- just a hard thing to do it. Hopefully, we'll head to Michigan in mid-August, instead.

Hope your day has been much cooler than mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy you give me hope when you say you are editing a book you have been working on for years. Life seems to get in the way of creativity sometimes. Even though a lot of writing is finished, the patterns are drawn and all the fabric is picked and waiting for the sample quilts, It seems like I will never get back to it. Thank you for showing me I am not alone. *smile*

Cindy Brick said...

Sharyn, you're not! There are lots of us out there. Just keep plugging -- even if you only work on it a few hours a week. Don't give up. You can do it. My Crazy quilts book took more than six years, all told, to finish up.

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