Monday, June 14, 2010

Yes, We Have A Winner!

And the winnah of the Carolina Pad stationery package is...


I've e-mailed you privately, but don't hesitate to contact me via a comment, too.


It's been dripping, drearying and just plain raining for the past two days...and am loving it. We get rain so rarely that you can almost hear the plants sucking up the moisture. On the other hand, it meant hauling out sweatshirts that had been put away, and firing up the fireplace again. (Hint: we just throw anything financial, including unsolicited credit card and loan applications, in the fireplace...then use the papers to kindle the next blaze. That way, we take no chances that someone going through our garbage will find anything but -- garbage!) Chili in the kettle, a comfortable book and a Sunday nap...aahhh.

Here's hoping your weekend was just as comforting.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you! I am so excited!! lol I have sent you my info by email. Thank you!

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