Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been here in Michigan since Saturday, trying to vanquish the flu I brought with, thanks to SOMEBODY's "generous" contribution. (The stinkers) The fever made its last appearance yesterday, but I still have a lovely, hacking cough to deal with. Sounds like I'm a six-pack smoker now.

The fall colors have been lovely, but definitely are on the waning side. No matter -- I'm grateful I've seen them at all. And even though The Mama and I spent the two weeks of the cruise together, she seems to be enjoying my staying at the family farm, too.

Tonight, I slept over at Little Brother's house (complete with movie and popcorn at night), but will be headed back to Mom's Thursday morning, to make doughnuts and popcorn balls for Halloween trick-or-treaters.

 I am getting to the point that missing Husband is a bone-deep ache. (With a few days' exception, we've been apart for three-plus weeks.) It's nice to be here, and I miss not seeing Brother, Sister, Mom and assorted cousins/uncles/aunts more often. But I will be sprinting for home on Saturday.

Thanks so much for keeping patience with me -- I know I've posted very little this month. While you're waiting, take a look at the Huffington Post review of quilts at the New York Folk Art Museum. The reviewer seems astonished that quilts and other textiles may not only represent the culture, but the quiltmakers' thoughts, tastes and opinions. I'm not! Good article, nonetheless.

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