Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Trader Joe's in Colorado...Ever?

Well, now I know why we probably won't be getting a Trader Joe's anytime least, according to Westword.
    It's because our grocery stores, by law, can't sell anything stronger than 3.2 beer. Which leaves out TJ's famous 'two buck Chuck,' not to mention all sorts of interesting wines they usually carry.
   Well, pooh. IKEA's finally come into town -- why not Trader Joe's, too? Please?? (I am really tired of going to Albuquerque, eight hours away, for my TJ fix...)


Cindy Brick said...

Whoo hoo -- Trader Joe's finally changed its mind! A store will be going in at 29th St. in Boulder, CO. But here's the sad news:

Not until 2013.

I guess anticipation is a good thing... sort of. But I'm already missing the lebkuchen I'd buy there for the holidays.

Good thing I'm headed to Albuquerque in early November. Will stock up there.

See the article here:

Cindy Brick said...

More on the subject here...

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