Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am smack dab in the middle of a messy, snorty cold...trying to keep going while sporting a damp wad of Kleenex. Which meant an appraisal client and piano lessons today, as well as laundry, ironing and a few hours of quilt restoration.
    Oh joy.
Tomorrow, I schlep Husband to the hospital for a colonoscopy. He has been belting down fluids, and wishing for green jello. (I made the wrong kind -- strawberry-banana -- which hardened up nicely. But it's red, which is not in the instructions. Then I quick-made lime green, which is still too liquidy. Ever try to make jello get harder faster? It doesn't work, not even with ice cubes added.)
     We're quite a pair tonight -- him looking morose, me going off on sneezing fits and feeling I'm propping open my eyes with toothpicks to stay awake.

I just wandered onto a fascinating discussion: what to do when you're invited to a group event at a fancy restaurant -- and your wallet is lean. Have an appetizer? Just soup? Show up late, and just order coffee? Some terrific ideas here. What do you do if the group agrees to just split the final bill evenly? (I never thought that approach was fair to frugal types, and have just refused to play ball when it happened to me. I'd pay just for what I ate -- but add extra for my share of the tip.)
     We've eaten at restaurants wayyy more than usual this week, thanks to The Mama (who insisted, and wouldn't take no for an answer.) Munching on leftover sushi from Daughter's restaurant, Japoix, is a delicious way to stay awake. They've got a number of specials, including a $19.95 five-course special on Sundays. Yum.

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