Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frozen Dead Guy Days


Nederland, CO, the little mountain town we lived in for some time (and Daughter #2 currently lives in), has one of the strangest festivals ever -- a celebration of 'Grandpa,' whose frozen body is still in a Tuff shed in town. He's been there for years, waiting either for the Resurrection or his grandson, who got deported -- whichever gets there first. (BTW, that's Grandpa's picture in the popsicle the skeleton is holding.)
     Anyhow, this weekend, March 2-4, is your chance to watch coffin races, plunge into the (frozen) reservoir, or bowl with frozen turkeys...and much more weird stuff! You can see photos of past years' festivities on FDGD's Facebook page, through the video below, or via their website. See you there!

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