Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Shawl Sells For $50,000!

Yes, an early 19th century Kashmir Moon Shawl, setting a record for this type of textile. And guess where the seller found it -- not at the bottom of a trunk of textiles collected by her incredibly erudite grandmother. No, she bought it at a garage sale some thirty years ago because she liked the pattern --

and thought it would make a pretty pillow.

Thank God she didn't cut it up. The beautifully handmade shawl just sold for $50,000 and change. (More than $59,000, including the buyer's premium.)

Read all about it at the Skinner Auctions site. Photos of the shawl, shown below, are from the Skinner site.

Kashmir Moon Shawl -- full shawl (above) plus detail (below)

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Anonymous said...

I can remember using shawls such as this in college to hang over doorways of cheap apartments....guess those days are over for shawls! Neva


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