Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Stuff...On the Way to Other Stuff

Yes folks, it's time for another look at what people, cats and other creatures are capable of. Like:

*The eighteen-year-old who described murdering her 9-year-old neighbor as "ahmazing" in her journal, then tried to overscore her words with blue ink. She didn't get away with it: the ink, or the murder.

*Remember the guy whose wife disappeared mysteriously in Utah a few years ago? She's never been found, although he insisted he had nothing to do with it. His house blew up -- just as his sons were brought back for a visit by a case worker, who had the door slammed in her face. The authorities say he chopped his sons with a hatchet, then set the house on fire. (The full story's here.) Yep, murder/suicide. Way to solve your problems...and prove your innocence.

*M.I.A. flips a bird at the Super Bowl. Apparently it was unplanned, unlike someone else's wardrobe malfunction. (I am not even going to dignify that tasteless gesture with a link.) The Powers That Be are talking about suing the NFL and NBC for millions of dollars. Shoot, M.I.A.'s a British singer. She makes money. She knows better. Why not just sue her, instead?

*On a lighter note, what would happen if cats grew thumbs:

*More than fifty wonderful (and frugal!) Super Bowl food recipes, plus a link included for 'cheap healthy' party food. (Thanks, Cheap Healthy Good!) Plus a good one for baked potato soup. We need something around here -- it's snowing. Again.

*And someone's found a purple squirrel in Pennsylvania...on the Jersey shore. He's not the first -- the article mentions another was noticed in Great Britain in 2008. Is this a sign of nuclear waste...or a Really Big batch of spoiled blueberries...being dumped??

Stay tuned.

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