Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall-ing in Leafy Love with Washington

 Colorado got its first snow while we were gone! Winter Park got a did Pike's Peak. (Too soon, too soon.)

I wish I could say that these past few days have been a quiet, relaxing time. Well, they have been -- sort of. Bro Jon and we went out to lunch a lot...and a Thai restaurant for supper. We've spent a lot of time talking, especially about stocks, options and such. (He enjoys trading.)

We've done some driving out in the Washington countryside. They have crisp, vivid reds out here -- something we don't often get back home.

 Yeah, like this.

That part's been wonderful. If it hadn't been for some online discussions I had to get involved with, life would be pretty peaceful. 
   Ah well.

We pack and head out tomorrow morning. A quick stop in Lynden for church, then maybe clam chowder at a seafood restaurant before we drop the rental car off at Sea-Tac. And head home. To the Mama, the chicks (who still have not produced eggs yet!), and the dogs.

   It's time.

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