Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Ready

Just a few days, and I'm on my way to teach for the Quilters Anonymous guild in Lynnwood, WA. (Near Seattle, in case you're wondering.) Before then, I have to put yet More Stuff away, vacuum up a tribe of dust bunnies, pick the Mama up from the airport (she's house-sitting the dogs and chickens), finish off the kits, water the garden...
    and come up for air.

Ten days of clothes in a carryon? This slide show from the New York Times will help you do it. (Key word here is rolling, versus folding.)
    I've used plastic bags, as well. Fill them with jewelry (or brass charms, as the case may be.) Push out the air and stack in the bottom. Put softer items on top as a cushion. Warning: bag your toothpaste, baby powder and anything else that might spray or squeeze out! When I fly out from Denver, I often go from 5280 ft. altitude to 200 or so. Pressure does weird things to toiletries -- that's all I can say. (Don't ask.)

At least it's cooler, and the wind's blowing. Fall is slowly creeping in, leaf by leaf.

P.S. Are you close by Lynnwood? The lectures - and class - are on Crazy quilts. Go to the site above, or click here for specifics on next week's gig. I'd love to see you.

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