Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is This Oil You Want?

Olive of us think so!

(Sorry...I couldn't resist.)

Now that the season is growing a bit thin, there's an easy way to preserve those wonderful summertime flavors. It's called:

 olive oil. 

Take a clove of fresh garlic, add a handful of chopped sage. Fill the bottle with olive oil, and let steep. Drain...or leave the herbs in place. Great for lacing onto meats, potatoes or salads.

Or try blanching your herbs before you add them. A cup of basil, blanched and buzzed in a blender with a cup of oil, gives your oil a lovely green hue and woodsy taste, especially when combined with a branch of rosemary. Let steep for a few days, then drain. Keep the oil refrigerated for longer-lasting taste; it will thicken a bit, but remain tasty.

     Here's a a similar recipe, using equal parts of tarragon and parsley.

It's not just herbs. Sliced and dried tomatoes will keep even longer when stored in olive oil...and give it a nice taste, as well. A branch of rosemary goes nicely here, as well.

Balsamic vinegar is another good way to preserve these spicy, aromatic herbs and veggies. Steep equal amounts of your vinegar and herbs together. Give them a few days, and lace your salads with the result.

These make nice gifts, too.

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