Friday, October 26, 2012

Georgia Warmth

It's been snowing like crazy in Colorado...but who cares! I'm here where the warm breezes blow, and red rosebushes nod against the window.
    Fall colors, too. It's so pretty here.

Well, I do actually care about those poor shivering Mighty Hunters, the Brick and our girlies. So far, Daughter #2 got off a shot - but missed. Meanwhile, one friend got a buck -- the other accidentally shot a spike bull elk, trying for a cow. He is an honest guy, and after field dressing the meat, called the ranger's station to turn himself in. They didn't even have the courtesy to come out to investigate (it was snowing hard, and an honest mistake), but demanded he show up at the office with the meat. When he did, all the meat was confiscated, and he promptly got a heavy fine. So much for rewarding honesty.

I got a chance to visit Melisa at the Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers, GA. What a charming old house, and the shop is stuffed to the gills with patterns, samples and some of the nicest 19th century reproduction fabrics I've seen in a while...not to mention some very cool holiday-themed and brights fabrics. Melisa's store is a Featured 2012 Shop in the Quilt Sampler magazine, and it deserves the honor. (She writes a great blog, too.) Take a look!

Tomorrow is the Georgia Quilt Council's semi-annual meeting...some appraising and "Quilts with Secrets." I'll spend the night at friend (and fellow appraiser) Holly Anderson's before heading home Sunday.

P.S. The friend who is watching the dogs and the chickies tells me that they're laying more eggs! They also said that the chickens' first response to the snow (which they had never seen in quantity) was to try and jump up on sticks, the water trough -- anything to kick off that cold stuff. I guess this high-kicking was very funny...

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