Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How'd They Do?

Did you listen to the night's debates between Romney and Obama?

(Sounded like they were about to come to blows over the whole Libya incident. Gee, I love a good fistfight among our elected officials.)

There are more debates to come -- and some questions to consider. Take a look at my post on Penny Thots for more.

Who would I vote for, if the election was tomorrow? 

Honestly, I'm not thrilled with either candidate. I'm not sure Governor Romney has ever known what it's like to be hungry...or working at a job he can't afford to lose...or feeling that no one is listening to what he thinks. How much will he consider the worker's needs, as well as the company?
    On the flip side, I don't believe President Obama has accomplished a lot of the things he promised. The mounting deficit worries me -- not so much for the Brick and myself, but for our daughters, who surely will have to deal with it in coming years. How do I know the pattern won't continue: big companies making stupid decisions, then expecting the government to bail them out. Where's the discipline, the sacrifice here? We're expected to behave ourselves -- shouldn't they be under the same expectations?

More fights -- and insults -- and rhetoric -- to come. Just makes me glad we don't have cable at present; listening to the political ads on the Internet is irritating enough.

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