Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Stuff: A-Hunting We Will Go

Ok, not me. I've got a date in Georgia with a bunch of quilters! (More on that soon.) The Mighty Hunters left at 5:30 a.m. this morning, after dealing with stocking up (propane, groceries and bullets), trailer problems (couldn't get the lights to work), and Jeep issues (non-working tail light). I watched piles of clothes go into the camper, knowing that if the Brick follows tradition, he'll wear the same outfit. All week long. 
     Both Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 are going with this time, to do some hunting and look after Dad. No doubt, they'll also get a lot of teasing from our friend Tommy, who's been there for a few days, and already bagged a 4-point buck. (He likes to order them around: "Woman, make me a sandwich!") 
    I'm just glad they can spend some time together. 

    There's a new giveaway coming, a book full of vivid color, by Vikki Pignatelli. I'll post it tonight! Meanwhile, noticed on the Internet this past week:

Acorns: an interesting (and free) nutrition source. The Best 50 Years even tells you how to prepare them. A Forties book on feeding chickens with scraps is a big advocate for acorns. Not to mention that the heroines of Into the Forest (one of my favorite apocalypse-frugal living books) end up living on them.

Another great gift idea: homemade bath bombs. I love these fizzy guys and a long soak with the book just mentioned.

They figured out the origins of the huge eyeball found on Pompano Beach, FL -- it originally belonged to a swordfish. The thing was softball-sized!

Haunted attractions that may really BE haunted. 

41 reasons why Len Penzo isn't going to loan you money. These may come in handy when you're hit up for a loan sometime.

A one square meter-sized house, thanks to designer Van Bo. ( When you're ready to sleep, you just tip it over. Honest.)

 Pieces from a rare set of Russian porcelain are coming to auction. (Actually, two sets.) When their aristocratic owner fled during the Revolution, soldiers moved in -- and used the pieces for target practice. Now they're incredibly valuable. (Stupid, stupid, stupid.)

Everything and everyone comes into your life for a reason -- so says Trent at the Simple Dollar. I think he's right.

Trying out a new waterbed. (Ahem) By the way, the sign says NOT to lay on the "Waterfall" model. But who reads signs -- German or American, for that matter:

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