Friday, April 12, 2013

Global Warming Caused Last Year's Drought?

From today's Associated Press:

"Last year's huge drought was a freak of nature that wasn't caused by man-made global warming a new federal study finds. 
     Scientists say the lack of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico was the main reason for the drought in the nation's midsection."

A report released Thursday by "dozens of scientists from five federal agencies" blames the fact that the jet stream, which normally brings moisture north from the gulf, stayed unusually far north in Canada. (Did they get extra rain in the Klondike, then?)
    They analyzed the drought conditions in six states - Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa -- but said that the weather pattern changes actually extended into 2/3 of the U.S. (Full article's here, if you're curious.)

So where did our Denver Post choose to publish this important piece? A prominent page, right? Perhaps the same front pages that the Global-Warming-We're-All-Gonna-Die articles have been splashed across, day after day, month after month...

In the next to last page in the business section. Just before the obituaries.

Go figure.

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