Thursday, May 9, 2013

Raining...Plus An Update on Libby

     It's been stormy here the last few days. Why am I pointing this out? Because, other than brief showers, we rarely get moisture. When the skies are gray all day, people actually celebrate. Growing up in Michigan, I saw this day after day...not here in Colorado, though.
     The chickies don't seem to care. They've been goose-stepping through the puddles and snapping up unwary worms. The baby chicks are safe and warm behind their covering. (They'll be out in the yard by week's end.)
     I'm putting the final touches on the Crazy restoration (whew!) and cleaning up for the weekend's dating and restoration class. Soon the sun will begin shining again, and I can start putting in the garden. Meanwhile, we're all happy it's gray and bleary. Hooray for the rain!

P.S. Thank you for passing the word about Libby Lehman's stroke...her family is keeping her Facebook site updated with current news. So far, it's just a very slow progression toward her hopefully starting to wake. (The doctors have kept her heavily sedated, in hopes of preventing a second stroke. She's been having a lot of 'vascular spasms' which are precursers to it.) 
    Go here for Libby's Facebook site. And keep her and her family in your prayers.

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