Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Happy Veteran's Day

This past weekend was warm, sunny and very dry....bad news for the hunters in the family, who came home skunked. (The animals stay high when it's dry. Really.) I stayed home, and got a bunch of work done, instead. This week will be a catch-up-on-stuff time. Meanwhile:

Very freaky hunting stories.  Expect some vulgar stuff -- hunters aren't exactly dainty. (From The High Road. )

Banksy, a New York artist, paints a Nazi onto a thrift shop painting -- and it sells for big bucks. 
    (But there's a twist to this'll have to check out the link to find out.)

Ranker has all sorts of fascinating lists, including 16 celebrities who died while skiing (including Natasha Richardson and Sonny Bono) and 22 celebrities who died while actively filming something. (The kicker on this one is Redd Foxx, who, if you ever watched Sanford and Son, was always clutching his heart and staggering around, proclaiming, "I'm comin', Elizabeth!" It actually happened.) Sad -- far too many of the death lists are drug-related.
     More fun stuff on this site, too, including cultural firsts -- and 13 idiots who climbed the fence at the zoo. (Some lived - some didn't.)

Five 'hidden' beds, for smaller spaces. (Thank you, Apartment Therapy.)

Bacon deodorant?? Yep, not kidding. (Charley the dog will be thrilled.)

Quirky animal photos -- prizewinners from a wildlife photography contest.

While we're at it -- amazing photos that haven't been Photoshopped. But you this one:

More cool photos here, including an opal Daughter #2 -- who is a jewelry appraiser -- would flip for.

A lottery winner (and other kind people) who prove money isn't everything -- honesty and kindness trump it every time.

A quick look at annuities. If you're thinking about investing in these, this is a good starting point. (From My Money Design.)

'Junk' storage ideas, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors. Including this wall crate idea (ooh, I like this):

And more dog photos only an dog-lover would understand. (What can I say...)

 Have a great week.

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