Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thinking About Christmas

Got the chicken coop painted! It was interesting, considering my Charlie Chaplin impersonation:

The temperature kept dropping, causing numb fingers. And the chickens kept coming over and scolding: "Move it, girl -- I've got an egg to lay!"
     I was washing my hands, when I saw a lazy flake of snow coming down. Didn't see any more...but they're coming. Oh, they're coming.
    Which puts me in the mood for CHRISTMAS.

I've been dragging the Brick (a confirmed member of the Scrooge club) to watch holiday-themed videos, including Elf. (An endearing, yet lippy way to celebrate.)

 The bed in Daughter #1's old bedroom is piled with presents...which need wrapping before the girlies show up for Thanksgiving next week. Meanwhile, I'm having fun thinking about menus. And decorating. And fun ways to celebrate, without spending a lot of money. Here are some inspiring links:

 Some really cheap present ideas.

More ideas here.

And FIFTY here! 

Have fun...we'll talk more about this later, when I can get the Brick to quit grumping about it. He's close to cracking, though...I heard him actually humming a Christmas carol while he was shaving the other day. 
     Though he wouldn't admit it. Yet.

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