Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bigfoot News - Is There Finally A Body?

Rick Dyer says he shot Bigfoot. 

Uh-huh. And this, according to Dyer, is what he looks like...

(If you're thinking some weird character from Lord of the Rings, you're in good company.)

According to Dyer, he got Mr. Sasquatch during a camping trip. This blurry, jerky video is supposed to prove it:

Dyer says that DNA and other tests are being processed right now on the body...and he'll show it to the world in mid-April.
    (One of my quilting students said, "That gives him time to hide it in ice." (A la the Minnesota Iceman,, no doubt.)

     Bear in mind: this isn't the first time Dyer's claimed to have a Bigfoot body on hand. Back in 2008, he and a friend just happened to 'find' a BF carcass, he said. They showed photos, but wouldn't let people see the actual body. Samples submitted came back as part opossum and part human -- at which point, the men promptly announced the samples had been contaminated.
     They were supposed to announce results of the autopsy on the body...but I could find nothing online that suggested that info ever happened. (They later admitted the whole thing was a hoax, "because everyone knows Bigfoot don't exist." That's a direct quote from Rick himself.)

     Double uh-huh.

I triple dog-dare ya, Rick. Don't wait until April -- show us now what ya got!

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Cindy Brick said...

By the way, Dyer finally confessed (yet AGAIN) that this was a fake -- he had the body made up by a professional. Grrrrrrr.....

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