Saturday, January 4, 2014

Using Up Christmas Leftovers

Pretty Hungry, a new blog I've started reading, has an interesting idea:

Take all those tired bits of holiday candy, chop 'em up, and put in a "pillow-y" soft cookie.  (Think chocolate chip cookies -- but with extra stuff.)

Recipe's here. (The secret to the soft dough? A spoonful of vanilla pudding mix.)

I've been cleaning up all sorts of leftovers lately -- a chunk of salmon here (from the 7 Fish Dishes), a small container of oysters (forgotten during same...but perfect for oyster stew), and a hambone there. (Used in Hoppin John, so we get the black-eyed peas needed for good luck in the new year.) The refrigerator shelves are showing up again...but I am getting very tired of trying to use up all these bits and pieces before they go green. Or blue. Or black.

Hoppin John - from Wikipedia. It may use leftovers...but it sure tastes good

Having stomach flu probably doesn't help. It showed up suddenly -- and right on the eve of going away for a few days, to celebrate our anniversary. (32 years - can you believe it!)
     We may just spend the next few days watching football and sleeping in, instead of racing around Denver. The hotel has these lovely floor-length windows in the lounge area -- you can watch passersby shivering their way down the street, while you're snug and drinking coffee by the fire inside. Bliss.

And NO leftovers.

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Pat Meinecke said...

Glad you got to get away for a few days in spite of the "ugly bug" trying to worm its way into your system.
Looking forward to having you over in sunny NC next summer.

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