Friday, January 31, 2014

Lebkuchen -- At A Bargain!

I don't know if I want to tell you this or not...but Lebkuchen gift boxes are going for insanely low price right now.

Schmidt, by far the best maker of this mildly spicy, gingerbread-like goodie, has a 'Large Festive' box that they normally sell on Amazon for $80 -- for $25! Even with the shipping, you're getting a steal of a deal on these -- nearly 7 pounds of real traditional German cookies and confections -- 13 packages worth.

The 'Pure' box is nothing but Lebkuchen...also a terrific buy, for $20. (The 'Crunch' box is an even better buy -- down to $15.95.) You can even get a pretty little tin box (red, for Valentine's Day) for less than $10. Zowie.

Quantities are limited, so if you're interested, don't hesitate. I've been a big fan of these soft, slightly crunchy cookies ever since I had one, standing up at a Nuremberg coffee cafe, back in college days. Bliss.

Maybe passing the word will help keep me from buying more. I've been ordering a package here, a package there as the prices have gone down -- for Valentine's Day, for upcoming birthdays and special events, for general munching...the Brick and I can't get enough of these wonderful cookies.

You'll feel the same way, too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! My dd#3 and I love the dark chocolate covered ones. 2 yrs ago World Market had the big red box (of 3 pkgs) for such a low price that I bought 3 of them. Now it seems they don't carry that box, even in the stores. We used up our last box this year. drooling in No.CA aka LouAnne

Cindy Brick said...

Keep an eye out, LouAnne...these have been steadily dropping in price over the past few weeks. Now I feel bad that I took the bait, and ordered a large Festive box at $35! (I just bought a second one at $25...couldn't help myself. Besides, part of it will go as birthday presents.)

Thanks for hanging out with's good to hear from you.

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