Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Go Broncos!

Hard to believe. Our beloved Broncos, actually headed for the Super Bowl?!?
     It's true.
Coloradoans are wandering around in a daze.

Meanwhile, I've spent the past few hours sitting in the waiting room while Daughter #1 has shoulder surgery. Ever since she was little, she's had trouble with her shoulders dislocating. Turns out she has what the doctor calls "loose joints." He said it was hereditary -- then I remembered that I have trouble sometimes with my ankles going out. My guess -- she got it from me, not the Brick. 
     It's considered easy surgery now -- even out-patient. Nonetheless, she'll be spending the week with us, so we can keep an eye on her while I do Mom Stuff: chicken noodle soup, snuggling, reading aloud to her. It's a rare opportunity, now that she's 27 and very much has her own life. 

Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning. (Who, if your life doesn't revolve around Colorado football, you may not know is the Broncos number-one quarterback.)  I read this in print in the ESPN magazine, and it's very, very funny. (In fact, I was snorting out loud in the waiting room. Embarrassing...shame on you, Ron, for making me do it!)

Ten Odd Things Found From WWII. (And some of these were discovered quite recently, too.) Case in point: barrels of... lard??

Other unexpected discoveries, by people who were (more or less) doing something else at the time.

How frugal are you...really? Take the Frugal Test, and find out.

Sideways moves to earn more money at your regular job. From a guest poster at Make Money Your Way.

The easiest (and most effective) investment rule you'll ever need. From yours truly, via Penny Thots. 

French Bread Pizza - quick, easy and delicious. it's a great budget meal, too!  (From Who Needs A Cape)

Tenacity vs. talent - which is going to get you further? (From More Than Money)

The top ten improvised movie scenes. Some memorable ones here.

Immunity Soup -- when you're coming down with a cold, or just need a jolt. (From 101 Cookbooks)

Home remodeling -- when you don't want to (or can't afford to. From a staffer at Get Rich Slowly.

A simple homemade tub and tile cleaner -- that WORKS. (From Money Saving Mom)

The Blessings of Poverty -- an interesting new book on frugal living and wise choices, written by a cousin, Diane Boone. (From yours truly, via Penny Thots.)

Wonder what happened to the Chinese Noah who sold everything, and built an ark for himself and his family? (He was convinced the world would be flooded when it all ended in Dec. 2012.) Anyone got an update on this? 

Getting the best price on a cruise. Also from yours truly via Midlife Finance. And if you're thinking about traveling:

A new twist on the B&B idea -- renovate trailers, and park them in your backyard! If you're headed to California anytime soon, these rent REALLY cheap - $50-60/day.

 Don't forget about my Bare Bones meal series, running on another blog, Holiday Goodies.These ideas should have you save some bucks to pay off those holiday bills.

Have a great week.

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