Friday, February 14, 2014

Here, But Not Here...

Whoa, we have had an intense day in Tucson.

To begin, it's just plain strange to know that snow is falling in Colorado...yet we're sweating it out here under sunny skies. We've been chugging water and any drink we can get our hands on, just to keep going.

Then there's been the booths -- tent after tent of incredibly beautiful rock specimens, jewelry, strings of beads, bags of charms -- practically everything decorative you can think of. (Plus a few tents that feature belly dancer outfits and pashima shawls, in case you need more. I'm always up for yet another belly dancer 'shimmy' coin belt or two. Snort.)

And finally, the prices range all over. We never know whether that booth will be incredibly reasonable -- or just incredible. It's the final days of Tucson's gem shows; some have already closed, and some are giving substantial discounts. And some booths' prices obviously haven't budged since day one. You have to walk in and check, to know for sure.

Which means a LOT of walking. And trudging from building to parking lot, then on to the next spot. Remember the sunny skies?

We've found some terrific bargains...and beautiful stones. Many of these will go up on daughter Angel's Etsy site, PHENOMENAL GEMS. Take a look, if you're an Etsy fan.

And now if you're excuse me, I'm headed to bed. Because we have another crampacked day tomorrow, before we drive the 13-plus hours back to Castle Rock.


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