Friday, August 29, 2014

Monday (er, Friday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Happy Labor Day Weekend

This has been a strange week. 
I've been trudging through lots of paperwork, doing some biz work...and trying to figure out why I feel so blahhh about life right now. I wonder -- the Mama picked up some flu, heading home. Did I get my own dose of it, as well? Feel achy all over, and my head hurts. 
    Unfortunately for me, I have a commitment on Monday that needs doing. Fortunately for you, I thought I'd post the Monday listing early.
     Hopefully, things will feel better soon.

World Monuments -- wonderful places, including some that are in danger.

Take a free online course...on the work of Laura Ingalls Wilder! (Class starts in Sept.)

How to remove credit disputes from your record...and boost your credit score, in the process. (From My Money Design)

The teeny-tiny balcony makeover. Good ideas for a similar small space at your place! (From Apartment Therapy) From this:

To this.

Somebody donated a skull to Goodwill! Turns out it wasn't the first one, either...

Free Our Kids -- wherein a lady decides not to spend a cent on her kids for a full year, and blogs about it. I'm not sure what to think about this...and she's fallen off the wagon at least once. But still --

The Wal-Mart Savings Catcher -- enter your purchases (just the receipt number), Wal-Mart compares them to sales in your area -- then may refund money to you via a gift card. (From My Frugal Miser) I haven't done this myself yet, but have heard plenty of people raving about it. I need to.

Georgia cracker salad?!?  Actually, it's a kind of egg salad. Stuff it in tomatoes, if you like, or eat as a dip.  Easy and good.

Did you ever wonder what famous people are worth? Now you can find out, via Celebrity Net Worth. Actors, politicians, sports figures...they're all there. (And to make things even more interesting, 25 rich athletes who went broke.)

'Fabulous Freebies' -- to keep you from going broke too, I guess. Some are common-sense, but there are some unusual ones, too. (From Five Cent Nickel)

Goldfish 'bubble' cookies. Fast, easy...and very cool.  (From Who Needs A Cape?)

Sam's vs Costco -- who's got the best prices? This post compares a lot of products, both individually and collectively. You might be surprised at the eventual winner.

Have a good weekend. Barbecue something for me...

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