Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are YOU Happy?!

It has not been a fun week.

Not only did Daughter #1 and Daughter #2's boyfriend get skunked hunting...they got caught in a blizzard or two, and brought home the flu.

As Daughter #2 pointed out, "I'm worried that the Bobbsey Twins got me sick from their little hunting adventure."
    They definitely shared more than stories. Not only is Daughter2 feeling crappy, but the Brick is congested and feverish. And I think I may be getting it, as well. But right now I need to take care of the invalids -- so I'm not sick. No, I'm not sick.

This whole thing about the Bobbsey Twins is funny -- but I can't laugh in front of Daughter #1 and Keith...they still feel miserable, too. Poor things. 

Ah well.

I'm still happy -- or at least I enjoy listening to Pharrell talk about it.

Weird Al Yankovic's version, "Tacky," is almost as good -- and perfect for those strange moments when you're wondering what hit you.

     Like the flu.

  (Look for the cameo from Jack Black, just before Al finishes everything up.)

The hunters (the Brick and Daughter #2) leave tomorrow morning. Keith goes out, too...but Daughter #1 may be the smartest one of all -- she's just staying in bed.
     Maybe after the hunters head out, I can get some rest.

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