Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Panties for Sale!

Once more, a dip into the department of "Normally This is Weird, But...:"

They're auctioning off Queen Victoria's underpants.

Yep, you read that right. The family of a former servant of has decided it's no longer important to hang onto their cherished 52-inch waist souvenir of Her Grace.  A 66-chest-sized chemise comes with the deal. (That works out to about size 26, by the way.) How do they know the underwear is Victoria's? Well, for one thing, the garments are both stitched from fine silk. For another, Victoria's monogram ('VR' for Victoria Regina) is on one leg.

Don't laugh. In 2011, another piece of the Queen's underwear sold for 9,375 pounds sterling. And that was just for the pants! This set is valuing for 2000 pounds (about $3200). I'll bet it goes for more.

If you're interested, the auction is Oct. 12 at the Westernhanger auction house in Kent. Great Britain, of course. They're sure to be taking phoned-in bids, as well.

"This is definitely one of the strangest items I have ever had the opportunity to sell in my 40-odd years in the business, auctioneer Miachael Hogben said. "This really is a once in a blue moon sale."

Click on the link to find out more. And God Save the Queen.

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