Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: It Can't Be Thanksgiving Yet...

Less than two weeks away. 

How can Thanksgiving be so close? Too much work, too little time. Guess that's life...I really need to get the sleeping bags repaired and hunting gear put away, though, before we have the pitter-patter of little (doggie) feet under the holiday table. (Daughter #1 is a dogsitter, and brings her charges along to join our Charley and Abby.)

Want to own a castle? An 18th century one is up for sale in East Germany. Price: $445,000!

Six creepy still-unexplained phone calls. Also:

Twenty-four weird discoveries. (These are pretty much unexplained, too.)

Long-lived Hollywood marriages. Gives you hope, doesn't it - except sadly, some of these (e.g., Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman) have already broken up.

A shoe store, closed for fifty years. Stock intact. The family who inherited this dusty bonanza is showing it to the public. (Commentators are marveling how the old shoes actually look quite 'modern.' Considering how often trends repeat themselves -- I'm not!)

Dave Brandon, the University of Michigan's athletic director, is no more. And here's why. (They've been terrible in football lately, by the way.)

A letter from the teacher about THAT kid. You know, the one who's 'bad.'

25 hacks to get you through winter more easily. (From Apartment Therapy)

Give thanks in glitter! A Thanksgiving garland that could be adapted for many other occasions. (From Brendid)

24 days of holiday cookies...sign up quick, and you'll have one recipe a day. (Courtesy of Betty Crocker)

A stripped-down Christmas.  (From Donna Freedman)

Have a good week...get out there, and get that turkey!

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