Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bits and Pieces, Gathered on A Chilly Day

After a few days of incredible warmth (yes, in the FORTIES), we woke up to ice-coated trees and a fine mist of snow in the air. It's still snowing, but at least the sun comes out now and then.

Welcome to January.

I thought I was completely recovered from the flu...I'm not. Easily chilled. Aching all over. Head banging. No energy. I can read now (couldn't even do that when I was really sick), but can't seem to force myself to finish up jobs. I get part way, run out of energy...and stop.
    I have reports that need to be done. I have to get a quilt bound and shipped out -- it's overdue now.

These need to be finished. I need to force myself to keep going.

The dogs stay close. They are the goofiest, most endearing personalities right now. Is it because they know I need the warmth and doggy love?

The chickens burst out of the coop like clowns in a circus car every morning. Then they realize it's still cold; many times they'll try to fly over the snow to get to the food and watering dishes. (Hilarious when they run out of steam -- but not snow!) They're still laying fairly regularly - between 7-11 eggs daily for 19 chickens. Not bad...but not outstanding, either.
    A smackerel of feed, a quick drink of water...and if it's chilly, back in the coop. Not that I blame them -- it's got a heat lamp in there, after all.

Food prep's been minimal. Mostly, I've been trying to hold off on a trip to the grocery until Friday, and use up bits and pieces leftover from holiday dishes, instead. We had oyster stew last night (finished off the oysters from Angels on Horseback), plus 'Spinach Spheres,' a goofy-sounding dish. My variation follows -- try these, they're good, even if you're not a spinach-lover.


1/2 bunch chopped fresh spinach (or 1 10 oz. pkg frozen) -- use the stems first
4 chopped green onions
4 mushrooms, chopped
2 cups breadcrumbs or stuffing
            (I used stuffing-flavored bread, about 7 slices, ripped into small chunks)
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
2 eggs
2 tomatoes, sliced thick

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Nuke the spinach and butter until butter is melted, then mix in everything else but tomatoes. (It's easiest to mix by hand.)
    Arrange the tomatoes on an ungreased baking sheet. Form the stuffing mix into balls, and place one on each of the tomato slices. (I know. This sounds weird. Do it.)
    Bake for 20 min., or until lightly browned. After you taste the first one, concentrate hard on trying not to wolf the others down. Makes about 8; serves 4 (or two wolves).

And thanks to Kevin and Nancy Mills of Help! My Apartment Has A Kitchen!
     I will not doubt you again.

The other leftovers show up mixed into other things, like soup and casseroles -- sometimes disguised, sometimes not. I am beginning to see bare space on the shelves again, thanks to concentrating on using the extra food up.  Well, except for the crisper, which still holds 25 pounds or so of apples, stashed away in the fall.

Maybe I'll make apple crisp for supper

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