Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Brrrr!

I don't know about your neck of the woods...but it's FREEZING here in Colorado. And snowing. That's good news for Daughter #2's partner Keith. (See him in the 'elf yourself' video below.) He has several snowplowing contracts in the Boulder area, and has been doing very well for himself. On the other hand, he hasn't gotten much sleep.

The dogs stay as close to heat sources as they can -- including Mom. The chickens make a dash for food and a drink first thing in the morning, then spend most of the day pecking and arguing in the coop. (I put in a halved pumpkin, so they've got something nice to occupy their time.) 

We were sick with the current crud pretty much all last week. We went to dinner with friends yesterday, but they (and the Brick) went on to a movie...and I came home. Just couldn't concentrate. 

Feeling better today -- but mostly because I've been parked on the sofa. I felt so ill last week that I didn't even read much. Now THAT'S sick!

Coming this week: a look back at our December cruises -- and some year-end musings. Meanwhile:

Don't miss out on the chance to 'elf yourself!'   It usually goes away early in January. (Here's the Brick family version...and a link to make your own.)

The two-present Christmas. This is an old post I wrote...I'm bringing it up again because we did a three-present Christmas this season, and it worked great. We spent a little more on individual presents (like a spritzer-maker for Daughter #1, binoculars for Keith and a waffle iron for Daughter #2), but we actually spent much less in the long run. And it was a heck of a lot of easier wrapping presents. You might want to try it in 2015, too.

The best DIY projects -- for under 50 bucks. (From Apartment Therapy) Like these cool concrete planters:

Five star chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they're that good.  (From Betty Crocker)

'Crack' potatoes. Because they're also that good. Think bacon, cheese and ranch dressing. (From Plain Chicken)

Bonus turkeys and other stock-ahead ideas. (From Donna Freedman) We just lucked out in this department -- one of my piano-student grandmas lucked into several frozen turkey breasts, and wanted to know if I could use two. Could I!

Don't pay your medical bills.  Really! (From yours truly via Midlife Finance)

Should you go to one of those all-inclusive resorts?  Tight-Fisted Miser did, in's his report.

Celebrity couples who live modestly.  Considering, that is. 


Have a great week...the last of the year!


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