Monday, January 26, 2015

Is Statue?

...sorry. Just really tired.

The Santa Ana winds have made life here in California a slightly unnerving experience. I keep thinking tornadoes, thanks to growing up with so many...but really, it's been easy for me. My students have had to cope with flying lawn furniture, and dealing with highways that screech to a standstill when the winds are really whipping.

     I just have to trudge through the block-long parking lot, and I'm in a comfortable room. One of the vendor areas is a large tent, enclosing some of the small shade trees from the parking lot. Makes it feel like an elegant indoor mall inside.
    It does feel odd, though, being in the land where palm trees sway. Where's the snow?

Road to California has been a wonderful time. And I've met (and re-met) a bunch of intereresting people who are just as curious about quilting as I am.

Four solid days of teaching will start to gut you out, though. I staggered back through the parking lot, dragging a suitcase that felt like it was full of lead, instead of quilts. Stopped to rest several times. Had a burger, then laid down for "a minute" for a nap...woke up around 11 p.m.

Flying home tomorrow, to Colorado cold, the Brick and the doggies. I'll send Monday Stuff then.

Hope your weekend's been a good one.

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