Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yet Another Bigfoot Story!

If you've hung out on this blog for any length of time, you know I have a strange hobby:

Collecting Bigfoot sightings. Or Sausquatch. (Otherwise known as 'Mr. S.')

I've had some doozies lately, thanks in great part to Daughter #2 and her boyfriend. 

But I heard a new one, while teaching at Road to California!

One of my students remembers seeing "Him" (or "Her," or "It") standing in the bushes, watching her family while they were camping. (They lived then in Washington state.) She could see him clearly from the shoulders up -- and she described a hairy-looking 'man' who was just curious. She said she got the strong impression that he "just wanted to be friends."

The student, now in her late 20s, was a kid at the time. That's how she described her experience to me.

He wanted to be friends, huh? Tell that to my daughter. 

For more BF reports, go to the BFRO site. You'll find a ton of them -- including one from your particular state.

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