Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday (er, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Where Did May Go?

Yow, last week went fast.

We spent all of it in Michigan, for my uncle's funeral. Not only were we able to spend time with The Mama and my brother and sister-in-law, but we saw a ton of cousins and their kids, plus plenty of people I knew growing up. And for a quick bonus: an old boyfriend. (I still wonder what he thought about meeting the chubby, wrinkles-around-the-eyes gray-haired version of me!) 
    The Brick came with this time, which was a pleasure. He had a wonderful time shooting guns off with cousin Phil and a crowd. I helped The Mama put out Memorial Day flags at the local cemetary; our family has helped with this ever since I can remember, though The Mama had a lot of trouble physically walking between the graves. 
     It was unnerving, though, to hear the shooting at the nearby range -- blam, blam, BLAM -- while we were doing it.
    We drove 18 hours both ways...got home early Saturday morning, and crashed. Sunday, we left for a few days in the mountains -- and a stop at Hot Sulfur Springs

Yes, it really looks like this

Although it was just a tad freaky to be standing at the hotel window Sunday night, watching the snow pelt down. (We drove through a snowstorm to get there, as well.) 
     At least you can use the hot springs whatever weather you're having. Fortunately for us, the sun was shining (and alternating with rain now and then.) We brought home an unexpected souvenir: sunburn. 
     The Brick is dealing with his own case of sunburn -- plus, his kidney stones are back. Poor guy. We have lots to do to catch back up, including piano lessons, thank you notes and some business paperwork. At least it's not snowing here anymore...just up in the mountains. I'm glad for that -- I need to plant the garden, too.


Easier-than-usual cinnamon rolls, courtesy of Betty Crocker.

A charity quilt spotlight. (the Modern Quilt Guild)

The dirty little secret of living in small spaces. I know this one well -- both our girlies practice it regularly. (From Apartment Therapy)

Ten tips for first-time home buyers. (From The Simple Dollar) You'll enjoy their "Sometimes" post, too.

The $25 Shopping Cart feature from Poor Girl Eats Well. I love reading about this amazing blogger's battle to keep both her chronic illness and her bills in check. She comes up with delicious recipes, too, using basic ingredients. Expect her to be both honest and entertaining.

Save some bucks -- walk from your hotel to the airport when you're in Vegas! One of my favorite bloggers, Andy from Tight-Fisted Miser, tried this...and found that it was only 1.8 miles. Granted, he was only schlepping a small backpack, and had plenty of time to do it. Taxis charge big bucks to take this short trip -- I think I might try walking next time.

The ten-item wardrobe. (From Moneysaving Mom) What do you think -- could you live like this? While traveling (which we've done a lot of, lately) -- you bet. At home...I'm not so sure.
     Here's the video, for you to make up your own mind.

Dealing with the 'ugly side' of your yard. Although if that's ugly, it's still got plenty of bonus points, compared to my Pile O' Trash. Plenty of photos from the 'pretty side,' too.  (From Thrifty Decor Chick)

Have a great week.

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