Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Golden Needles Revisited

I got some great photos on my recent visit to Conroe, TX... thanks to the girls in the Scrap Quilts class.

We actually pieced several different block patterns, and did a few other things -- but what they really enjoyed were making Hole in the Barn Door blocks. Like this one, courtesy of Shirley:

Notice the airplane print in the center. (Shirley is a pilot.)

Here she is, with block in hand -- and grin!

Dawn came to class with a wonderful sunflower print -- and a handful of coordinating fabrics. Here's her block:

Notice how the center section really complements the larger-scale sunflowers.

I had a great deal of fun with Terry's block. Notice anything unusual?

I thought she did it on purpose, for a kind of "entry door" look. Nope -- here's what she really meant to do:

That's a photo-transfer in the middle, by the way. And not that I EVER sew rows together out of step. (Ahem.)

And finally, Trish started her block in class, complementing the black-and-white illustration with hand painting:

One of the freebies was "grass" trim.
     (Yes, a Coloradoan was giving out free grass. Make of it what you will.)
That's what's edging the smooching couple here.

And here's where Kris headed, once she got home. More embellishments and goodies -- and Kris's grandma will have a pillow as a gift.

Doesn't the quilting -- and the pearl trim on the center block -- add a lovely touch?

Thanks so much, friends, for sharing your work. I had a great time. Thanks for coming! 

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Barbara said...

Clever embellishments with a useful scrappy block pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!

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