Friday, August 7, 2015

Weird Stuff that Works

I love weird advice. 

I've written about it a few times for Midlife Finance. Other places, too.

Over time, I've come across some unusual methods that don't seem to make sense. But at least in my experience...they work. Try these at your own risk, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Creamy scrambled eggs without the butter:  boil up a small pan of water. While it's heating, whisk up two or more eggs until scrambled. Then, while stirring the water in a circular motion, pour the eggs in. 
    Wait two minutes -- drain the water and enjoy.
Variation:  Pour the eggs into a plastic sandwich bag, seal and put in the boiling water 2-3 min. My cousins make omelets this way for Christmas morning breakfast, adding whatever meat, veggies and seasonings they like.

Clean a dirty painting (or non-colorfast surface) with spit. You'll need a q-tip and patience. Moisten the q-tip you-know-where, then gently stroke the surface, rolling the q-tip from side to side as you go. When it gets too dry (and mucky), then repeat with another q-tip.
    Your own spit will also take out your own (and sometimes relatives') bloodstains. Any good quilter has spent some time licking out blood, from accidentally pricking herself/himself.

Need an office? Got a closet? Even if it's got a water heater or boiler in it, building a false floor will give you the room (and privacy) you need. (From Instructables, that wonderful and wacky spot for all projects unusual.)

Does your dog keep digging (and re-digging) holes? Gather up a batch of his poop and put it in the hole. He won't dig it out again. This has worked for both Charley and his predecessors.


Got a headache? Try a drop or two of peppermint oil, gently rubbed into the sides of your temples. At the least, it will stop the pattern, and give your mind something else to focus on for a while.

In keeping with the subject, you'll find a bunch more 'kitchen myths,' thanks to Whisk Together. Some are suspect -- she suggests that milk in the carton can be left out up to a year, thanks to a 'super-homogenized process,' or something like that. Around here in Colorado, though, if you leave the carton out, the milk tastes 'dead' in a day, and starts going bad a few days after that.
    In other words... I wouldn't. 

Now, if you're talking eggs, that's a different story. During our trip to Ireland, we often saw eggs in cartons on regular shelving, even in gas stations. Turns out that eggs WILL keep out on the counter, provided you don't wash them (removes the protective 'bloom') or keep them in direct heat/light. Keeping them cold won't hurt them; it's just not critical.

Unless they're under the chicken, of course!

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