Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Puppy is Gone

Buck died this morning.

    He has been slowly failing for the past few months. We almost lost him while I was in North Carolina teaching -- but somehow he managed to keep his shaky limbs going. He even seemed to be getting a little better, though it was clear he couldn't see much, and heard even less.
    Last night, he kept asking to go outside -- and wouldn't come back in. Finally, Husband sent Charley out to fetch him back. (Charley's been acting as nursemaid, helping Buck find his way around.) I think now that he was wanting to die out there...we both heard an odd thump early this morning, but I thought it was just the boys wanting go outside. (They don't go by time changes, after all.)
    Husband found Buck laying on his side by the coffee table, one of the places he's accustomed to sleep. He didn't look as if he'd struggled, thank God.

    We buried him in the herb garden, not far from Goonie. True to form, I plan to plant two 'green' puns: I'll transplant some mint, because Buck was "worth more than a mint." And eventually the raspberries will reach his grave -- because he was "the berries." (He would just look disgusted at me for being so silly.)
    Charley seems to understand that Buck is gone. He sniffed Buck's last rest over carefully -- then the spot where he laid outside while we were digging. Finally, he went and checked the grave over. ("Just as long as he doesn't try to 'rescue' him," Husband said.) While we were talking, Charley came over and pushed his head between us, asking for loving.
     We needed it, too.
     Buck was somewhere past 15...16 1/2, I think. Ancient for a Weimaraner -- they rarely live even to 15. He had been in poor health. He was tired. But he, along with his housemate Goonie, was a loving part of our lives for almost fifteen years. We will miss him so much.
     Sleep now, Mama's baby puppy. We love you.

 Buck, considering his quilting options.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your loss. I have been there. Only dog lovers can understand the huge part of you heart they capture and what a big hole is there now.
Make a quilt to give you hands and mind something to do.
My heart is with you

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, Sharyn.
I asked Husband to take his collar off, so I could have his tags to embellish a quilt...I've been collecting dog prints for months, thinking about something. Maybe it's time to experiment.
Having trouble concentrating today. I guess it makes sense.
Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read of Buck's death. He and Goonie were quite the pair. It's so hard to lose the furry children. I've decided the best way to honor the ones we've lost is to take good care of some of the ones here now. A tribute in fabric is a good place to honor them, too.

Mary in SD

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