Friday, August 28, 2015

What To Do, Now That The Stock Market Has Tanked... And a Few Updates

 You've watched the stock market do the equivalent of a kid's yo-yo this week: up, down, up, down so many times that if you were paying close attention (I hope you aren't), you'd be sick.

So what should you do about it?

According to Ron Lieber...


    This New York Times columnist argues that if you're into stocks, your best bet is to hold onto them. For the long run. Pretty much every time, the market has tanked, it's started to rebound soon after. Hang in patient.

And do what Warren Buffett subscribes to:   When everyone else is selling, buy. But buy quality. "Time is the friend of the wonderful company," he says. (I got some Wal-Mart stock this week at a price I haven't seen in years -- and it has a quarterly dividend, too.)

* * * * * * * * * * *LAW AND (DIS)ORDER

After yesterday's post on James Holmes' sentencing, I can hear people saying, 'Lighten up!' It's done and over with.'
    The problem is: it's not. 

We just had another verdict in a horrendous murder trial for Dexter Lewis. (It wasn't so bad this time -- instead of dozens, he only murdered five people. They were in a bar he and buddies were robbing...and wanted no witnesses. What's a few dozen stab wounds between friends?)
      In spite of long sob stories on how mean his mom was (including her choice in men), how mean his dad was... and boo hoo, he had such a hard life, Lewis was found guilty (whew). But once again, a juror or two voted for life imprisonment versus the death penalty. So that's what Lewis gets. (Something odd happened after the sentencing verdict -- it was greeted by screams from Lewis' family members. Were they screams of joy -- or horror? Perhaps both.)

      The Denver Post had a very silly editorial about the two trials. According to them, it's all good because Holmes is white and Lewis is black -- so it's only fair. And since a few people on a jury can keep the death penalty from happening...well, the death penalty must be unfair. And 'everybody' wants it that way.
      Yeah, right.

* * * * * * * * * *THE CHICKIES

I like to keep you posted on our crazy feathered friends. We lost one of the oldest chickens this week (heat stroke, maybe?), but the 'babies' are just starting to lay. They produce cute little brown eggs that are gradually getting bigger. The only struggle: out of 13 'babies' (who should each be laying by now) and approx. 15 other chickens, we're only getting between 7-8 eggs daily. Who's slacking!?!
     I cleaned out the freezer, and they've had a wonderful time munching on freezer-burned hamburger and chicken bits. (Yes, they're cannibals that way. Meat's meat.) Maybe I had to throw away those mushy pepper bits -- but at least the chickies will convert them to eggs.
       I hope. 

* * * * * * * * * * YES, WE HAVE LOTS OF TOMATOES

I know. For the rest of you, this weenie basketful is no big deal. (Especially in Michigan, the Land of Hot and Sticky Summer NIghts.) But for us, it's major exciting. Notice the basket of eggs nearby, too.

 No bananas, though. (Couldn't help myself.)

* * * * * * * * * *QUILTING

Perhaps, maybe I will get some time to sew this coming week! That's the hardest part about being a quilting teacher and lecturer -- you rarely have time to fool around, sewing-wise. Our friend Tommy has been moaning and griping about the quilt he was supposed to get years ago. Now friend Dan has started the clamor for HIS quilt. (He wants an eagle design. Tommy wants a hunting-themed quilt.) If I can get the tops done now, I might get them done by Christmas.
      That'll shut those two zany guys up.

And finally:

We're still here.

Still trying to figure some things out. Still working on reports. But hanging in there.
   Hopefully you are, too.

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Barbara said...

Believe it or not, most of the time when I am selecting my bananas at the store, I quietly sing to myself, "Yes, we have no bananas!" Have done it for years. That's what happens when one has a song in their heart! Good day to you. Hope to see you in the Lord's House tomorrow!

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